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Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerant 50ml

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Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerant 50ml

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Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerante by La Biosthetique is a cell active anti ageing repair moisturiser for night.
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Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerante by La Biosthetique is a cell active anti ageing repair moisturiser for night. Regenerating anti ageing night care activates the repair mechanisms of the skin to prevent from chronological skin ageing and to combat deep wrinkles. Liposomally encapsulated phyto cell extracts of phyto mother cells protect and maintain the health and regenerative capacity of the mother cells within the skin for a long lasting result. They have DNA repair functions and support the formation of new mother cells. Cell growth and metabolism as well as associated tissue development are intensly stimulated. The devepoment and growth of the collagen fibres are supported and the elastin structure is improved. The life cycle of the skin's mother cells is lengthened, ageing processes are combated and wrinkle formation is reduced. The skin looks youthful and energetic amd is able to lastingly maintain this state. Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerant by La Biosthetique also has an anti glycation effect. Brown algae prevent the binding of sugar building blocks and proteins and ensure the flushing out of the buliding blocks by the metabolism so that the skin's loss of elasticity and the reduction of enzyme activity, which also leads to signs of ageng, are unable to accur in the first place. Organic silicon from brown algae activates the collagen production by directly infuencing the cell struture, cell stimulation and thus the cell division rate. The network of collagen fibres is supported. The skin becomes firmer and looks younger. 70% of the ageing process comes from damaging factors of the day including smoking, alcohol and pollution. Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerant by La Biosthetique combats all ageing factors of the environment. Use Dermosthetique Traitement Regenerant at night along with Dermosthetique Serum Revitalisant for beautiful younger looking skin. Also use as a day moisturiser for skin that is in intensive need of regeneration.

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