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La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique B

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La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique B

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Methode Vitalisante Visarome Dynamique B by La Biosthetique is a rich essential oil for dry scalp & dry hair. Natural aromatherapy complex stimulates dry scalps, releases metabolic blockages, boosts the circulation and thus creates optimum hair growth.

  • Boosts circulation. Gives the scalp new strength.

  • Unblocks sebaceous glands which cause brittle hair.

  • Energises hair, scalp and soul.

  • Contains aromatherapy essential oils.

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Methode Vitalisante Visarome Dynamique B by La Biosthetique is a rich essential oil for dry scalp & dry hair. Visarome Dynamique B stimulates the circulation in the scalp which cleans out the sebaceous glands which cause blockages. Visarome Dynamique B has an intense effect improving the well being of the scalp thus optimising new healthy hair growth. An active metabolism is the right prerequisite for a functioning scalp. Lack of circulation leads to a weakened metabolism and tired sebaceous glands. The scalp reacts with dryness. High time for new energy. Thanks to the Visarôme Dynamique B aromatherapy complex, the scalp’s vitality is restored. Purely natural and spicy essential oils from rosemary needles, lavender blossoms, geranium blossoms, sandalwood, parsley and carrot seeds particularly effectively boost the scalp’s circulation and release everyday blockages. The scalp’s natural functions are activated thanks to the balancing aromatherapy complex. The hair shines with vitality and is able to beautifully develop and grow again. Visarôme Dynamique B gives the scalp new strength and brittle hair transforms into a glorious mane. The fine scent of exquisite oils invites you on an olfactory journey. It emanates dynamism and mobilises your energy. Visarôme Dynamique B energises hair, scalp and soul.

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