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Wella Resist Strengthening Serum 6 x 20ml

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Wella Resist Strengthening Serum 6 x 20ml

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Age Strengthening Serum is the perfect solution for hair which is maturing faster than you would like.
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Hair which is showing its age can look pale, limp, and lifeless. Color fades, and hair becomes brittle and dry, extremely prone to breakage. It also loses vital elasticity which is responsible for giving bounce and body to younger hair. Just like skin, aging hair needs to be treated with care in order to prevent aging and stop the hands of time. This includes adding necessary moisture and removing free radicals with antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as protecting the hair from further damage as heat styling and chemical processing continue. Wella Age Strengthening Serum is the perfect solution for hair which is maturing faster than you would like.

Wella Age Strengthening Serum is a rich emollient which has a gel texture. It contains rooibos extract, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant known as a phytochemical. This phytochemical goes to work to remove harmful toxins and impurities from deep within the core of each strand of hair, making hair's color much more vibrant and lively. Karite extracts then penetrate deeply into the shaft of each strand to provide intense moisture and hydration to the hair, giving it more body, elasticity, and strength. The silky texture of Wella Age Strengthening Serum clings to each individual hair to help protect it from further styling and processing damage, as well as to strengthen already damaged portions of each strand of hair.

Wella Age Strengthening Serum is designed to compliment Wella's other hair care products. For best results, use your desired Wella shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and hydrate. Gently towel dry hair. Apply desired amount of Wella Age Strengthening Serum in the palm of your hand, and rub hands together to gently warm and emulsify this luxurious serum. Run your hands over and through your hair, paying special attention to the ends where there is likely to be the most damage. Comb through hair, dry, and style as usual. You will immediately feel the moisture, see the depth of your color, and enjoy how silky and smooth yoour hair feels.

Reviving mature, tired hair begins from the inside. Mature hair contains larger amounts of harmful free radicals and is less elastic than youthful hair. Because of this, it makes it much more prone to breakage, and is a dead giveaway for a person's true age. Wella has created an entire line of hair care products designed especially for mature hair. These products contain powerful antioxidants, which help to remove free radicals from the hair, as well as rich moisturizers. The result is hair which is silky, soft, and full of body and volume. You can literally turn back the hands of time when you use Wella's line of products for mature hair. Wella Age Strengthening Serum is a fantastic formula for giving youth back to your hair. It works by protecting, strengthening, and moisturizing hair from deep within. The luxurious texture of this serum works wonders to cling to each hair strand and protect it from further damage from free radicals, processing, and styling.


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