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Dermosthetique Therapie Anti-rides 3x10ml

Dermosthetique Therapie Anti-rides 3x10ml

The cell-active anti-wrinkle treatment Therapie Anti-Rides deeply smoothens, lifts and regenerates. For skin smoothening you can instantly see and feel.
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Dermosthetique Therapie Anti Rides by La Biosthetique is an anti ageing cell active treatment for ironing out wrinkles. Therapie Anti Rides is an intensive treatment for relaxation of expression lines, combats deep wrinkles for sensibly smoother skin. The extract from the Indian hibiscus seed generated spectacular results in the in-vitro test on muscular cell tissue. Directly applying the active ingredient to the cell tissue, a 100% muscle relaxation was measured. The natural biopeptide from the seed of the hibiscus deposits itself on the stimulus conduction pathway between nerve cell and muscle and prevents the activation of the messenger substance acetylcholine. The muscle is not given any information to move and thus remains relaxed. The skin remains relaxed. Deep lines and wrinkles appear on the face due to expressions caused by movement of the facial muscles. Dermosthetique Therapie Anti Rides stops the muscles from moving thus expression lines don't appear. This revolutionary anti Ageing product is a great alternative to injectable muscle relaxants like Botox, for people who want a none invasion treatment to combat fine lines and wrinkles.
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