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La Biosthetique Creme Visage Apres Soleil 50ml

La Biosthetique Creme Apris Soleil 50ml

La Biosthetique Creme Apris Soleil is relaxation for sun-stressed facial skin.
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La Biosthetique Creme Apris Soleil. The sun stimulates the production of happy hormones and gives us a beautiful summer tan. But it is also stressful for the skin: it loses important moisture. That is why after-sun care is a must. Crème Après Soleil combats free radicals, one of the main causes of UV damage, and additionally supports DNA repair. In addition, the light and rapidly absorbed cream provides protection from photoaging of the skin and chronic sun damage. The skin’s natural repair mechanism is strengthened, free radicals are trapped, and the skin’s softness, smoothness and youthful beauty are enhanced. Calms the skin and imparts a soothing sensation after sunbathing. For a lasting tan and a relaxed skin sensation.
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