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Creme Reparatrice

La Biosthetique Creme Reparatrice 500ml (discontinued product ONLY 1 left)

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Effective, regenerative deep-conditioning treatment for stressed hair, deeply conditions and restructures
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Much of what our hair experiences damages its structure: styling, UV rays and heating air. But do you really have to abstain from straightening irons, sunbathing and warm apartments in winter? Definitely not! Crème Réparatrice repairs the hair and restores its natural beauty. The deep-conditioning treatment contains a lasting conditioning complex of highly potent active ingredients that deeply repair and rebuild the hair. The care miracle penetrates the inside of each hair and supplies it with plenty of moisture. It gains new stability, silky shine and lively bounce. Crème Réparatrice is also a veritable anti-ageing talent, which protects against damaging external environmental influences and thus prevents premature hair ageing and structural damage.
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