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La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Elixir Anti Grey 95ml

La Biosthetique Dermosthetique Elixir Anti Grey 95ml

The natural way to restore your healthy original hair colour. Granny grey - this is a hip hair colour trend with teens and twens. But not so much with those 30 and over! They quickly panic when they catch sight of their first real grey hairs. Gone are the days when grey hair was seen as a sign of wisdom and life experience. Today, grey hair symbolises a lack of vitality and transient youth. An unmistakable sign that you are no longer a member of the young or young-at-heart generation.
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Grey hair - why does hair lose its colour? Environmental pollution, stress, illnesses, hereditary predispositions and aging disturb the healthy processes in the melanocytes, the pigment-forming cells in the hair follicles. Consequently, the hair loses its colour pigment, melanin. Grey hair - what happens in the hair follicle? Research has discovered: people whose hair turns grey are suffering from massive oxidative stress in the hair follicle caused by an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, there is a lack of those enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide thus blocks the natural increase in melanin, the hair's colour pigment. Step by step, the hair increasingly fades. It turns grey and/or white. Grey hair - what happens in the hair? Aging and cell damage due to oxidative stress not only result in a loss in colour pigment, but often also to limitations in other metabolic processes of the hair. This can result in a loss of hair mass, lipids and proteins. The hair not only loses its colour brilliance, elasticity and stability. In addition, it experiences a change in its physical properties.
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