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La Biosthetique Spa L'Huile

La Biosthetique Spa L'Huile

La Biosthetique Spa Lhuile has a unique care experience: The rapidly absorbed, velvety soft body oil intensively conditions the skin with its high quality plant lipids.
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LA Biosthetique Spa L’Huile contains effective active ingredients and features a pleasant texture that is rapidly absorbed by the skin. It also has a relaxing scent and gives you an even skin tone. The exclusive extracts of balloon vine, blackcurrant seed and sunflower protect your skin and strengthen its natural barrier function. Selected milk components care for the skin and maintain a perfect moisture balance. Thanks to the selected ingredients, the skin looks more radiant and softer than ever, whilst the warm, velvety scent enrobes your body in a harmonising aura. Relax with La Biosthetique Spa L’Huile and enjoy a long-lasting and pampering spa experience!
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