The right preparation and follow-up care is the basis for a good shave. Shaving Gel by La Biosthéthique is perfect for this: It facilitates the gliding of the blade, and helps to prevent irritation, small cuts and redness on the skin. The beard hair is softened, and is thus ideally prepared for shaving. The contained mineral cocktail gives the skin an energy boost, and makes it look fresher and regenerated after shaving. Applied regularly, the hair structure becomes more even and thicker, and the hair becomes pleasantly soft and conditioned. HOMME. The daily ritual of revitalising care.


With a shaving brush or slightly moistened fingers, apply a small portion of shaving gel to the beard hair, briefly lather and evenly distribute. Then shave. After shaving, thoroughly remove gel residue with water. Tip: After shaving, use a rapidly absorbed care such as After Shave Face & Beard Care. Ideal for shaving clear contours as the texture is transparent and you can always see the beard contour through it.

Homme Shaving Gel 150ml