We all need a bit of a detox from time to time and, when it comes to hair, the intelligent approach is a weekly hit of IQ Clarifying Shampoo.

Clarifying Shampoo is a sulphate-free weekly treatment shampoo that has been formulated to deeply cleanse and clarify the hair without stripping natural oils or drying out the locks.

Ideal for washing the polluting effects of day-to-day life, including commuting, fuel emissions and household chemicals, out of your hair, this detoxifying shampoo is also formulated to remove styling product build-up from clients’ tresses.



Rediscover hair’s natural shine with Clarifying Shampoo. For best results use once a week. Distribute evenly throughout wet hair from scalp to ends and massage gently, before rinsing thoroughly. For particularly stressed out hair, repeat. Follow with your favourite IQ Conditioner or Repair Mask.

Style as usual using IQ Styling Products perfectly tailored to your client’s look.

IQ Clarifying Shampoo