For people who need to wash their hair each and every day, the intelligent solution is IQ Daily Shampoo.

Suitable for all hair types, the sulphate free shampoo has been enriched with the awesome attributes of the Amaranth, which is renowned for strengthening the hair from the follicles to the lengths and helping to prevent hair loss.

IQ Daily Shampoo does not dry the hair out or strip it of natural oils, but it does leave your clients with manageable hair that is free from the polluting effects of everyday life. And it’s scented with subtle hints of a zesty citrus perfume for added allure.




For everyday clean and controllable locks simply apply the delicately scented liquid to the hair and distribute evenly from roots to tips. Massage gently to create a soft foam before rinsing thoroughly, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Repeat if required then for best results follow with IQ Daily Conditioner. IQ also boasts an extensive range of professional hair styling products to finish the look.

IQ Daily Shampoo