For people who want to feel their locks being tingled and teased back into life, the intelligent solution is the invigorating sensation of IQ Tea Tree Conditioner.

This zingy conditioner uses the purifying power of nature to refresh and revive your clients’ hair and scalp. Natural antiseptic tea tree essentials oils, combine with refreshing peppermint oil, while the nourishing power of Amaranth strengthens for a triple boost for the health of the hair.

Gentle yet refreshing, IQ Tea Tree Conditioner is sulphate free and hair colour safe. It contains surfactants that bind to the hair and coat the cuticle to create smooth, manageable tresses.



Invigorate your clients’ hair and scalp with the botanical blend of IQ Tea Tree Conditioner. First cleanse the hair using IQ Tea Tree Conditioner then apply to damp hair focusing on the mid-lengths to ends.

Style as desired. For a beautiful finish try the IQ range of hairstyling products, including Sea Salt Spray, hair waxes, pastes and clays.

IQ Tea Tree Conditioner