The eye area is particularly sensitive and prone to dryness and fine lines. That is why it is affected early on by signs of aging. A special eye contour care can combat these signs ahead of time. The biomimetic oil in water emulsion Menulphia Jeunesse Contour works before premature skin aging has a chance to take hold; by revitalizing the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin-smoothening polysaccharides from red algae and knotted kelp also rapidly reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and improve lymphatic drainage. Green coffee extract fortifies the appearance of swelling and skin aging. Lecithin also moisturizes the skin and gives life to the sensitive eye contour. Tip - Eating a low-salt and vitamin-rich evening meal plus lots of exercise supports the combating of under eye shadows and lachrymal sacs.


After daily cleansing, apply the care in the morning and evening around the sensitive eye contour and lightly tap in to the skin. In addition, the light oil in water emulsion is suitable as a special application for orbicularis oculi muscle massages.

Menulphia Jeunesse Contour 15ml