Healthy, radiant skin takes work. And you have to take it seriously. An active moisture balance is vital! But as we get older, this significantly decreases. The skin becomes tight and the first fine lines become visible. The hydroactive cleansing foam is the first step to beautiful skin. Purely plant-based surfactants made of rice protein form an airy foam, smoothly glide over the skin and thoroughly free it from dirt and sebum. A treat for very dry, scaly and sensitive skin. Mousse Nettoyante is a little cleansing miracle – as gentle as a milk and as effective as a soap. The wonderful cleansing foam supplies balancing moisture and wonderful freshness. A cell-active hydro active ingredient composed of malic acid, apple pectin and Cell Boost Factor highly effectively binds moisture in the skin, stabilises the skin’s natural protective acid mantle and strengthens the skin barrier. The clever Cell Boost Factor wards off damaging external influences and makes the skin stress-resistant. The unique hydration concept of La Biosthétique works on a cell biology level and directly influences: - The moisture binding and storage in the skin - The moisture formation by the body’s own mechanisms.


In the morning and evening, lather up Mousse Nettoyante in your palms and distribute on to the face, neck and décolleté using circling motions. Then thoroughly rinse the foam with lukewarm water.

Mousse Nettoyante 150ml