Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Vital


The innovative concept of Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Vital contains proven ingredients to enable intensive and more lasting care results despite bleaching, color and perms whilst fortifying the hair. As a stand-alone application or in synergy with Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Spray. An easy way to beautiful, healthy hair for luxurious wellbeing. Natural inspiration for naturally beautiful hair. The fortifying intensive mask deeply repairs even very dry, damaged, stressed hair – from roots to tips. The hair structure is immediately strengthened and more resistant to all stress factors. Hairstyles are once again effortless to create. The hair looks impressively soft and glows with shimmering shine. A revolutionary lipid cocktail makes anything possible. The instant hydro lipid effect provides up to 34 percent more softness. The long-term hydro lipid effect provides 24-hour softness and overall promotes amazingly smooth, ultra shiny, simply beautiful hair you will fall in love with.

Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Vital 100ml