Red hair attracts attention. Such a vibrant mane never goes unnoticed. Red is also special because, as a gift of nature, it is the rarest hair colour of all. But the brilliance of the colour red is unfortunately a little sensitive. UV light and a stressed hair structure often cause the sparkling reflexes to fade prematurely. The reason: the red pigments are extremely small and can be lost in damaged hair structures. To ensure they remain stably anchored in the hair, it must be healthy and well protected. Protection Couleur Conditionneur Copper-Red . 45 restores warm vibrance to red hair. It intensively conditions red hair, balances out structural damage and pampers the hair with maximum moisture. Both elasticity and softness are significantly improved by the Conditionneur, the La Biosthétique colour protection complex effectively protects against fading and undesirable loss of reflexes. Deactivates the aggressive free radicals in the hair that are caused by UV radiation. The small, sensitive red pigments thus remain in the hair for much longer. The result: up to 73% higher colour stability after 15 washes. Glamorous warm shades of red, from pure copper to coppery red to clear red, are intensified and given a new lease of life with colour-refreshing special pigments. Uncoloured and coloured hair looks its best – extremely conditioned, with seductively red shine and shimmering colour brilliance – fascinatingly beautiful.


Evenly distribute and knead Conditionneur Copper-Red .45 into washed, towel-dried hair. Allow to take effect for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Conditionneur doesn’t stain the skin!

Protection Couleur Conditionneur Copper-Red .45 150ml