The cell-active anti-aging lip care Traitement Lèvres is a little lip miracle with an instant boosting effect. In a flash, dry and chapped lips are transformed into beautifully cared for lips with a clear contour. The plankton extract contained in Traitement Lèvres has an instant anti-crease effect, increases collagen synthesis and makes the lips seductively smooth. White mustard seed creates fullness and results in an instant moisture supply to the lips. This reduces creases meaning the lips look and feel fuller and firmer. The lip contour is clearly defined and the lip colour is intensified. The formulation Dermosthétique® Anti-Age contains two types of cell extracts to actively influence the origin and causes of skin aging: Phyto cell extracts support the formation of new parent cells, delay the aging process and combat the formation of new and worsening of existing wrinkles. Glyco cell extracts activate collagen synthesis, strengthen connective tissue, calm the skin and protect against glycation.


As required, the lip care Traitement Lèvres can be applied once or several times a day.

Traitement Lèvres 15ml